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Wrestling Vixxxens

Wrestling Vixxxens was a porn site that was run by several professional wrestling valets and wrestlers. It was famous for having nude photos of Tammy Lynn Sytch and Missy Hyatt.


In 2001, Missy Hyatt and Tammy Lynn Sytch decided to pose nude online and charge people for it. They created a website called Wrestling Vixxxens as a paysite. They included Rayn, a wrestler in FCW.

They soon included Tracii Taylor and Extasy, two wrestlers, and Kristi Myst, a porn star turned wrestling valet.

Sytch quit the site in 2003 along with Myst and Rayn. Hyatt left the site in 2004 and formed a new site with Francine. Taylor quit the site after the first year and Extasy left in 2002.

They released several videos from their photo shoots that were sold through RF Video.


  • Extasy-valet for Jersey Championship Wrestling, Born in 1978.

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