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Tata Giacobetti

Giovanni "Tata" Giacobetti (Rome, 24 June 1922 – Rome, 2 December 1988) was one of the singers of Quartetto Cetra, a very famous Italian vocal quartet.

Tata Giacobetti was a self-taught musician. He sang at the students' parties at the time when he attended scenography classes at the Fine Arts Academy in Rome. In 1940 he founded a vocal quartet called Quartetto Egie, that changed line-up and name twice, becoming Quartetto Ritmo first and then Quartetto Cetra.

As part of Quartetto Cetra, Giacobetti's show business career lasted for over forty years. He was singer and actor for radio, stage, TV, cinema and advertising.

Besides singing, he was the group's lyricist, while Virgilio Savona, also a member of the quartet, composed the music. They worked together for four decades and produced hundreds of songs which made up Quartetto Cetra's vast repertoire.

Tata Giacobetti also wrote lyrics for famous Italian composers of that era, such as Gorni Kramer, Giovanni D'Anzi, Armando Trovajoli.

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