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Some Enchanted Evening

The Simpsons season one
December 1989 – May 1990
List of The Simpsons episodes


  1. Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire
  2. Bart the Genius
  3. Homer's Odyssey
  4. There's No Disgrace Like Home
  5. Bart the General
  6. Moaning Lisa
  7. The Call of the Simpsons
  8. The Telltale Head
  9. Life on the Fast Lane
  10. Homer's Night Out
  11. The Crepes of Wrath
  12. Krusty Gets Busted
  13. Some Enchanted Evening

"Some Enchanted Evening" was the thirteenth non short Simpsons episode released on television. The episode dealt with Bart, Lisa, and Maggie being taken care of by a notorious "Babysitter Bandit".

Table of contents

Episode details

Production Number: 7G01
Original Air Date: May 13, 1990
Writers: Matt Groening and Sam Simon
Directors: David Silverman and Kent Butterworth
Blackboard: "I will not yell 'Fire' in a crowded classroom."
Couch Gag: The entire family tightly fits onto the couch.
Guest Voice: Penny Marshall as Ms. Lucille Botz and June Foray as the Rubber Baby Buggy Bumper Babysitting Service Receptionist


Marge is having a problem on another hectic morning. She decides to call Dr. Marvin Monroe, telling him about Homer and how much they love each other. Dr. Monroe suggests that Homer sees Marge as nothing. He advises Marge to get angry when Homer comes home. Feeling like he is a pig, Homer, on Moe's advice, gets Marge flowers and he treats her for a night at a fancy restaurant, dancing, and staying at a hotel room. Marge tries to call for a babysitter, but the receptionist rejects her call. Homer calls the same number for a babysitter by calling himself "Homer Sampson", and they send a babysitter to the house, Ms. Botz.

When Ms. Botz comes, she (on Marge's advice) makes Bart and Lisa watch a Happy Little Elves tape. They switch to America's Most Armed and Dangerous, watching a John Walsh-esque host say that Ms. Botz, the notorious "Babysitter Bandit", could be anywhere. Bart and Lisa try to make a run for it and hide from Ms. Botz, but she ties them up and forces them to sit at the couch. It's up to Maggie to save Bart and Lisa from Ms. Botz, because Maggie unties the rope, and the children defeat Ms. Botz, tying her up and calling America's Most Armed and Dangerous to inform them that they captured the Babysitter Bandit. In the meantime, as Homer and Marge stay at a hotel for the night, Marge tries to call home, but there's no answer, so they decide to go home. Homer and Marge untie Ms. Botz, and he gives her a big pay as she escapes from cops coming to the Simpson house. Homer is found to be a "local boob" for all this.


  • This episode was the first Simpsons episode produced, but its air date was delayed due to Matt Groening calling for having to re-do the episode.
  • The America's Most Armed and Dangerous show is a parody of another FOX network show, America's Most Wanted. The host of this parody is similar to the host of America's Most Wanted, John Walsh.


  • Dr. Marvin Monroe: The pig has made you into his mother. You are not the hot love object you deserve to be!
    Marge: Really?
    Dr. Monroe: I'm as sure of it as my voice is annoying. Marge, tonight, the second he comes through that front door, you've got to tell him you're fed up, and if he doesn't start loving you, he will be leaving.
    Marge: Leave Homer?
    Dr. Monroe: Please, don't use his real name!
    Marge: LEAVE PEDRO?
    (the employees at Homer's work crack up)
  • Lisa: Aw, come on, Bart, not again!
    Bart: (dials the phone) Aw, where's your sense of humor, man?
    Moe: Moe's Tavern.
    Bart: Hello, is Al there?
    Moe: Al?
    Bart: Yeah, Al. Last name: Coholic.
    Moe: Lemme check... Phone call for Al. Al Coholic! Is there an Al Coholic there? (bar denizens laugh) Wait a minute... Listen, you yellow-bellied jackass, if I ever find out where you are, I'm gonna kill you!!
  • Moe: Hey, you can level with me. You got a domestic situation?
    Homer: You might say that. My wife's gonna leave me 'cause she thinks I'm a pig.
    Moe: Homer.
    Homer: What?
    Moe: Marge is right. You are a pig. You can ask anyone in this bar.
    Homer: What?
    Homer: Hey, Barney, am I a pig?
    Barney: You're no more of a pig than I am. (belches loudly)
    Homer: Oh, no!
    Moe: See? You're a pig. Barney's a pig. Larry's a pig. We're all pigs. Except for one difference: Once in a while, we can crawl out of the slop, hose ourselves off, and act like human beings.

For Some Enchanted Evening, the album by Blue Öyster Cult, see Some Enchanted Evening (album).

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