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This WikiProject is an attempt to formulate a common template for the Swedish cities. It suggests a structure for the city articles which would make them more structured, while also giving them a common look and feel.

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WikiProject Swedish cities


This WikiProject aims to structure the articles for the cities of Sweden. It may also come to include towns.


The parent of this WikiProject is the WikiProject Swedish municipalities

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There are no descendant projects.

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Similar WikiProjects are Wikipedia:WikiProject Cities.



The effort should be coordinated with the Swedish Wikipedia.


The article should start with an introduction, giving the name of the city, what municipality in belongs to and its location in Sweden.

Next, there is a table with facts about the city. A template for the table can be found at the bottom of this page. The contents are as follows:

  • The name of the city in Swedish (xx) is to go on top as the caption.
  • A picture of the city coat of arms.
  • Charter: Type (stad/köping) and year
  • Municipality: The municipality to which the city belongs.
  • County: The county to which the city belongs.
  • Hundred/Ship District/Mountain District/Court District/Lapland Court District: The district in which the city was located.
  • Province(s): The historical province where the city is located.

The sections are:

  • History
    • major historical events
    • Geography
    • Boroughs (add if present)
    • Parishes
  • Economy
  • Education
    • Universities (add if present)
    • Schools
  • Culture
  • Sites of interest
    • Museums, parks, palaces etc.
  • Sports teams
  • Notable Natives
  • Heraldry
    • Short description
    • Blazon
    • Link to county of province heraldry
  • Miscellaneous topics
  • External links


When applying this template to a county stub or article (which already all exist), it should be common practice to create a temporary page to work on, with the following notice:

''This temporary page is being used to expand and convert the article [[_]] over to the new format proposed at [[Wikipedia:WikiProject Swedish counties|WikiProject Swedish counties]]. Please feel free to add or edit anything on this page to help in the conversion process.''

Don't forget to replace the "_" with the name of the article being converted.

To notify readers/writers that a new page is being created, place the following text on the country article itself:

'''A new page based on the new [[Wikipedia:WikiProject Swedish counties|template]] is being worked on at [[_/Temp]], please make any changes you want to make on that page.'''

xx is a city/town and the seat of xx municipality in Sweden. (Alternately: xx is a city/town in yy municipality, Sweden.)

coat of arms
CharterCity/Market town (year)
Population (year)xxx,xxx


Main article: History of _


Main article: Geography of _


  • ...


Main article: Economy of _



Sites of interest

Sports teams

Notable natives


Main article: Heraldry of _

Miscellaneous topics

External links

  • Official site for the municipality
  • Other sites

[[Category:Cities of Sweden]] [[Category:Cities in Province]]


Chartered Cities

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