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Serres, Greece

General view of the modern city of Serres since the Acropolis

Serres (Σερρες in Greek, Latin Serrae, older form: Serrai, Bulgarian: Сяр/Syar) is a city in Macedonia, Greece. It is capital of Serres prefecture, and is within the Central Macedonia periphery. The name and the settlement dates back to ancient times. The population in 2001 is about 80,000. The elevation is 70 m. It is located in the Serres plain and the Strymon river is further southwest about 24 km from Serres to the west. The hills lie to the north and the mountains to the east.

Serres was completely rebuilt in 1913, after the the Bulgarians army burned the city while retreating in 1913.

It is a beautiful city with non-gridded roads. The city also has forests, beautiful parks, streets and squares. Serres has a characteristic features. Serres stretches from the ruins of the castle up to the forested hills of Koula.

On the road to Koula hills on Exochon (Exochi) Street, two beautiful parks, one is the Agioi Anargyroi Park founded near the downtown area. Night clubs and cafeterias brings fame to the area especially in the summertime.

Sites of Interest

  • Public Regional Theatre (Δημοτικό Περιφερειακό Θέατρο/Dimotiko Perifereiako Theatro)

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