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Parc Astérix

Gaul village in the park

Parc Astérix is a theme park in France based on the stories of Asterix, created by the duo Uderzo and Goscinny. Situated approx. 35Km (20 miles) north of Paris in Plailly in the departement of Oise, it opened its gates in 1989 and quickly became one of France's top tourist attractions and its most popular theme park (surpassed by Euro Disney in 1992). Today, it still remains as popular as ever and has begun incorporating rides and themes from other mythological cultures such as the Romans and the Ancient Greeks.

Unlike its rival, the park opens only from April to October and has generally shorter opening hours. However, it is easily visited in a day and justifies a repeat visit. Like its rival, it has its own junction on the autoroute: in this case between Junctions (Sortie) 7 and 8 on the A1.

Opening in 1997, the premier rollercoaster at the park is the mighty Tonnerre de Zeus – a modern wooden rollercoaster or woodie. Many commentators consider it to be amongst the finest wooden rollercoasters in the world.

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