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List of HIV-positive people

This is a list of famous people who are known to have or to have had the virus known as HIV, including those who have died (whether from AIDS or another cause).

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  • Arthur Ashe, (1943-1993), tennis player and social activist; infected via transfusion during heart surgery
  • Esteban De Jesus, (1951-1990), world champion boxer
  • Magic Johnson, probably most famous for his public announcement in 1991 that he had been infected with the virus HIV and would retire from basketball
  • Greg Louganis, diver; knew he was HIV-positive since 1988, announced it in 1995
  • Tommy Morrison world champion boxer, tests in 1996 revealed he was HIV-positive, automatically retiring him from boxing as a competitor; underwent a technique known as "sperm washing", designed to allow HIV-positive people to have HIV-negative children
  • Rubén Palacios world champion boxer
  • Tim Richmond{1955-1989), NASCAR driver. Won 7 races in 1986 and finished 3rd in points.



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