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Jamaica Labour Party

The Jamaica Labour Party is a conservative political party in Jamaica. At the last elections, 16 october 2002, the party won 47.2 % of popular votes and 26 out of 60 seats. It is the main opposition party, led by Edward Seaga from 1974 to 2004. In that year, Seaga stepped down from leadership and was replaced by Bruce Golding, a man with a reputation as a centrist. It has 26 of 60 seats in the Jamaica House of Representatives.

The party was founded in 1943 by Alexander Bustamante as the political wing of the Bustamante Industrial Trade Union. It ruled from independence in 1962 to 1972, and from 1980 to 1989. Bustamante led the party from its founding until 1964, when he retired from active participation in politics. However, he did not relinquish the title of party leader for several years, until the party, following its defeat in the 1972 elections, gave him the honorific title of "The Chief". In the interim the party was led by Donald Sangster (until 1967) and Hugh Shearer (until 1974), with the title of "First Deputy Leader".

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