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Honda NSX

A 1991–2001 Honda NSX

The Honda NSX (Acura NSX in North America) is a handmade sports car automobile made by Honda. It has a mid-engine, rear-wheel drive layout, an all-aluminium body, a V6 engine (the C30A) that produces 216 kW (290 bhp) and 304 N·m (224 ft·lbf) of torque and a current price of US$90,000.

Honda sells a small number of these vehicles each year. Production is currently at approximately 20,000 units.

Manufacture and Release

A 2002 Honda NSX

At its release in 1991, the NSX took many in the car industry and elsewhere by surprise. It was the first time that a Japanese automaker had made a car to compete against the products of the traditional European exotic car manufacturers such as Ferrari and Porsche. Besides competing against these manufacturers the car was also intended to showcase Honda's racing technology.

Wheels magazine awarded the Honda NSX the 1991 Car of the Year award.

Despite the NSX's current age, it still has a strong base of fans and supporters. Honda and others describe the NSX as a supercar based on its styling, body type and handling. Some people disagree, claiming that it is not powerful enough.

Refinements and versions

2002 Honda NSX-R

Since its launch, the NSX has remained largely unchanged. In 1995 the NSX-T was released with a targa top roof, and in 1997 the NSX received a 3.2 L C32A engine giving it slightly more power.

The biggest change for the NSX came in 2002 when it received a face-lift with fixed headlights and various other cosmetic refinements (see photo from LA Autoshow 2003). It also received a new 3.2 L C32B engine.

A track-orientated version called the NSX-R was released in 2002 exclusively in Japan. The NSX-R has a more aggressive rear spoiler and hood vent, along with various refinements to reduce weight. Under the body, panels and air fences in the front, along with a small rear diffuser serve to produce balanced downforce. The subtle changes along with its renowned handling have kept NSX-R in contention on the track even against considerably higher-powered cars.

The Honda HSC concept, showcased at the Geneva Motor Show, has been speculated to be the forerunner of the next NSX.

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