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This is a list of the current Royal Navy ships, complete and correct as of 2005.

Table of contents

Invincible-class Aircraft carriers


Amphibious assault ship


Albion-class landing platform docks


Type 42 destroyers

Type 42 Destroyer-class batches 1 & 2
Type 42 Destroyer-class batch 3

Type 23 frigates

Type 23 Frigate-class

Type 22 frigates

Type 22 Frigate-class

Antarctic patrol ship

River-class patrol vessels

Castle-class patrol vessels

Ocean survey vessel

Coastal survey vessels

Multi-purpose survey vessels

Vanguard-class submarines

Swiftsure-class submarines

Trafalgar-class submarines

Sandown-class minesweepers

  • HMS Inverness (M102)
  • HMS Walney (M104)
  • HMS Bridport (M105)
  • HMS Penzance (M106)
  • HMS Pembroke (M107)
  • HMS Grimsby (M108)
  • HMS Bangor (M109)
  • HMS Ramsey (M110)
  • HMS Blyth (M111)
  • HMS Shoreham (M112)

Hunt-class minesweepers

  • HMS Brecon (M29)
  • HMS Ledbury (M30)
  • HMS Cattistock (M31)
  • HMS Cottesmore (M32)
  • HMS Brocklesby (M33)
  • HMS Middleton (M34)
  • HMS Dulverton (M35)
  • HMS Chiddingfold (M37)
  • HMS Atherstone (M38)
  • HMS Hurworth (M39)
  • HMS Quorn (M41)
HMS Example (P165) on the River Tyne at HMS Calliope, Gateshead

Archer-class P2000 fast patrol boats

  • HMS Archer (P264)
  • HMS Biter (P270)
  • HMS Smiter (P272)
  • HMS Pursuer (P273)
  • HMS Blazer (P279)
  • HMS Dasher (P280)
  • HMS Puncher (P291)
HMS Archer (P264) and HMS Example (P165) on the River Tyne at HMS Calliope, Gateshead
  • HMS Charger (P292)
  • HMS Ranger (P293)
  • HMS Trumpeter (P294)
  • HMS Express (P163)
  • HMS Example (P165)
  • HMS Explorer (P164)
  • HMS Exploit (P167)
  • HMS Tracker (P274)
  • HMS Raider (P275)

Scimitar-class fast patrol boats

  • HMS Scimitar (P284)
  • HMS Sabre (P285)

Miscellaneous vessels

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