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County Westmeath

County Westmeath
Area: 1,764 km²
Capital: Mullingar
Code: WH
Population: 72,027 (2002)
Province: Leinster

County Westmeath (An Iarmhí in Irish) is a county situated in the Irish Midlands, in the western part of the province of Leinster. Area: 1,764 km². The county was once part of the ancient province of Meath and later of County Meath, this association was ended in 1543 when County Westmeath was created.

Athlone (population 15,936) on the River Shannon, Westmeath's western boundary, is the largest town, while Mullingar (population 15,621) is the county's administrative centre.

Other notable towns and villages in County Westmeath include:

The county is famous for its cattle, lakes such as Lough Owel, pewter such as Mullingar Pewter, scenery, the canal, the drug company Elán and is rapidly becoming part of the commuter belt of Dublin.

The main towns in County Westmeath are shown on this map of the county.

Notable Westmeath people include Michael O'Leary, the CEO of Ryanair; Joe Dolan, a popular singer; Donie Cassidy, a well-known businessman and TD; and Mary O'Rourke, a senator and former Government minister.

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