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Auvergne (région)

This article is about the French administrative région of Auvergne. For the historical county and province of Auvergne, see Auvergne (province).
Région Auvergne
(Région flag) (Région logo)
Capital Clermont-Ferrand
Area 26,013 km²
Regional President Pierre-Joël Bonté
(PS) (since 2004)
  – 2004 estimate
  – 1999 census
  – Density
(Ranked 19th)
51/km² (2004)
Arrondissements 14
Cantons 158
Communes 1,310
Départements Allier

Auvergne (Occitan: Auvèrnha) is one of the 26 régions of France.

It is important to note that the current administrative région of Auvergne is larger than the historical province of Auvergne, and includes provinces and areas that historically were not part of Auvergne. The Auvergne région is made up of the following old provinces:

  • Auvergne: départements of Puy-de-Dôme, Cantal, northwest of Haute-Loire, and extreme south of Allier. The province of Auvergne is entirely contained inside the Auvergne région.
  • Bourbonnais: département of Allier. A small part of Bourbonnais is also contained inside the Centre région.
  • Velay: center and southeast of département of Haute-Loire. Velay is entirely contained inside the Auvergne région.
  • a small part of Gévaudan: extreme southwest of Haute-Loire. Gévaudan is essentially inside the Languedoc-Roussillon région.
  • a small part of Vivarais: extreme southeast of Haute-Loire. Vivarais is essentially inside the Rhône-Alpes région.
  • a small part of Forez: extreme northeast of Haute-Loire. Forez is essentially inside the Rhône-Alpes région.

Velay, Gévaudan, and Vivarais are often considered to be sub-provinces part of the province of Languedoc. Forez is also often considered to be a sub-province part of Lyonnais. If so, then the Auvergne région is made up of the provinces of Auvergne, Bourbonnais, and parts of Languedoc and Lyonnais.

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