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Albert Hill

For the First World War soldier, winner of the Victoria Cross, see Albert Hill VC.

Albert George Hill (March 24, 1889January 8, 1969) was a British athlete, winner of two Olympic gold medals at the 1920 Summer Olympics.

Born in Tooting (London), Hill started out as a long distance runner, winning the British AAA championships over 4 miles in 1910. Little more was heard from him in the next few years, until World War I interrupted most athletic contests in Britain in 1914

After the war, Hill returned as a middle-distance runner. Coached by Sam Mussabini (coach of 100 m Olympic Champions Reggie Walker and Harold Abrahams), he won the 880 yds and 1 mile at the 1919 AAA championships. He nearly wasn't selected for the Olympics the following year, the selectors considering the 31-year-old Hill too old. In the end, he was allowed to take part at the Olympics, which were held in Antwerp, Belgium. He made the final in the 800 m, which was a closely contested race. In the end, the 31-year-old Hill beat American Earl Eby for the gold, setting a national record as well.

Two days later, Hill completed the middle distance double by winning the 1500 m as well, thus completing a "double" not replicated by a British athlete until Kelly Holmes at the 2004 Olympics. Helped by his compatriot, Philip Baker (who would receive the Nobel Peace Prize in 1959), he won comfortably, with Baker in second. Hill also competed in the 3000 m team race event, in which the British team finished second, earning Hill's third Olympic medal.

After winning the 1921 1 mile AAA championships, Hill ended his running career, and became a coach himself. He emigrated to Canada shortly before World War II, and died there in 1969.

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